Tamasi Garden

Permacultura Transylvanica - Tamasi Garden
Contact person: 
Csaba Szekely
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Hungarian, Romanian, English, Italian, German.
Description of the area: 
The farm is located in Sovata villige near the Bear lake, unique in Europe, its water being helio-thermal and salty. Beautiful natural surroundings. Temperat climate . Zone 6 USDA.
What do you grow on the farm: 
We have fruit orchard (apples, pears, plums, walnuts, berries).
Farm size: 
1.5 hectares.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
Mai - September
Volunteer activities: 
Planting tree, cleaning land, building eco house, mostly gardening.
Tent, attic, nomadic circumstance.
We are omnivores.
A few words about the family: 
We are a family of 5.
None for now :)