Contact person: 
Andy Hertz
Languages spoken on the farm: 
English and Romanian.
Description of the area: 
Apuseni Mountains. Small village, located at 19km east from Brad (Deva-Brad-Abrud). You can find around Muntelui Vâlcan – 1263m,Natural Rezervation Muntele Vulcan, Gold Muzeum from Brad, Waterfall Săritoarea – Stănija, Dușu Fortress.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Vegetables in greenhouse and garden, also we have a very large orchard. Because is the first full year here, we have to work around the house, like building, gardening, convert the stable in to a kitchen, make stoves, a pizza oven in the garden, ground stairs, etc.
Farm size: 
12000 sqm. garden, orchard, pasture.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
Volunteer activities: 
Because there are still a lot to set up, will be here a long list of things to do all sorts. Then, of course, each volunteer can do something close to his expectations and personal abilities. From gardening, cooking, construction of stairs in the ground, chimney, bread oven, paths, fences, repairs, painting, hand-made, help to make the place better, gathered firewood, etc.
Accommodation in two bedrooms for guests/volunteers or tent if you like to experience it (which would be good if you bring it). Shower with solar heating and dry toilet until, soon, will be arranged a bathroom in the house. Kitchen, Terrace, WiFi, Phone signal - OK. Fire place in the yard. Barbecue etc.
Normal. But with less meat and more local products. You can have also vegetarian food if you like. Not vegan, because is hard in this place to find vegan enough products to can offer you the right diet!
A few words about the family: 
I have 32 years and I moved in Tarnița after 6 years in London(electrical engineer), to write and live in the nature. This house it is permanently a happy place, full of friends. We like to do arts, sing, cook, work, and appreciate every single day here. The neighbors are very friendly too.
Mara, Alba and Lupu, very large dogs, and two cats, Silvester and Dănilă.
Other comments: 

We don’t encourage the drugs and alcohol, but of course we can have a beer after work. We don’t accept violence and racism. But we offer and ask for respect and sanity. Hope you will have fun in this place! :)