Peace and Harmony
Persoana de contact: 
Gabriel Cirstea
Limbi vorbite la ferma: 
English, Dutch, Romanian all native to our residents.
Descrierea zonei: 
It's a mountain-ish region with warm climate although in the evening is a bit colder .. (always good to have a warm body-warmer)
Ce se cultiva la ferma: 
All kinds of veggies and trees, apple and plums and everything.
Dimensiunea fermei: 
20000 square meter land with houses and animal habitats.
Luni in care se accepta voluntari: 
From March till November we are open for visiting and working together.
Activitatile voluntarului: 
Everything from gardening to building with natural materials according on the projects we have at that time.
In tents, rooms in house.
Vegetarians are most welcome although we also eat non-vegetarian from time to time.
Cateva cuvinte despre familie: 
In the most shortest way possible .. Peace And Harmony Romania can be described as a sustainable living community, natural life and natural building information and education center .. favoring communal lifestyle.. centered around natural / holistic healing of body and mind, oneness with nature; humans, animals and plants, based on understanding we are part of nature and as such must be treated with respect and given all the glory it deserves.. It’s a place to be for everyone who searches peace and harmony.. a sharing space for creativity and flow .. innovations and new sustainable technologies and ideas.
Animale de companie: 
Dog, cat, goat, chicken.
Alte mentiuni: 

You are most welcome to visit and stay with us in this pristine natural environment .. we welcome open minded people, with a good heart for mother earth.