House of Sourdough Bread
Persoana de contact: 
Iulian Dutu
Limbi vorbite la ferma: 
Romanian, English, Italian.
Descrierea zonei: 
In the valley of Strei river at the bottom of Retezat Mountains.
Ce se cultiva la ferma: 
We have a veggie garden, a small orchard with old trees and we start raising few sheep.
Dimensiunea fermei: 
0.8 Ha
Luni in care se accepta voluntari: 
Between 1st of April and 30 of September
Activitatile voluntarului: 
While I'm busy baking bread and / or my wife is at work, someone else should cover different tasks around the house. There are 4 main areas where we might use your help: 1 - In the garden: sowing, planting. weeding, watering vegetables, depends of the time of the year you'll be here. This includes but not limited to preparing plant beds (April), planting (till May), weeding (April - Sept), watering (April-Sept), making winter preserves (July to September). 2 - With animals: if our sheep feel comfortable with you, you'll be asked to take them out and have a relaxed time watching them grazing the surrounding pasture in the old apple trees orchard. 3 - Small building projects: depending on the skills of the volunteers, I'll might need a helping hand to finish the facade of our house and the new room for future volunteers, building another shelter for sheep or a small terrace for the caravan. You should know I'm working mainly with wood. 4 - Generally help with the household: set the meals, doing dishes, cleaning communal spaces.
Our volunteers will be accommodated in a big caravan ( trailer ) in a good condition ( usually is used for our paying guests. ) It has 3 separate rooms ( one dining / living area + kitchen, middle room with bunk beds and a bedroom with a double size bed ) and because it's German built, it's very well organised. Although it can accommodate up to 8 people, in order to keep our volunteers privacy, we can host max 2 people at one time and we expect to keep the caravan not just clean but also tidy. Outside the caravan you'l find a solar heated shower ( for hot summer days ) and the compost toilet with sawdust and a separator just for your use and you should feel comfortable using such a toilet. The rest of the year we have a wood fired heated shower inside the house. We have a laundry machine that you can use too.
We try to eat less meat.
Cateva cuvinte despre familie: 
We are a family of 4 with 2 grown up kids ( one is already away from home ), who moved from capital city Bucharest to a small village in rural Transylvania in 2010. Since then, we try to live our life as simple as possible, working a small garden, baking bread, taking care of few sheep & dogs & cats and enjoying the peacefulness of our old apple tree orchard.
Animale de companie: 
3 dogs, 3 cats & 5 sheep with their lambs.
Alte mentiuni: 

Because our region it's considered one of the main cradles of our nation, exploring and learning about Romanian culture, traditions and history and about Transylvania in particular, it's what we'd like to see from our volunteers.