Foldvar Equestrian Park and Farm
Persoana de contact: 
Benedek Lukacs
Limbi vorbite la ferma: 
Hungarian, Romanian, English
Descrierea zonei: 
At the slopes of the Harghita mountains, in a beautiful valley.
Ce se cultiva la ferma: 
50ha of agricultural land, 30 horses, 8 colts, 120 sheep, 5 cows, 7 calves. The aim of the household is to preserve and maintain the Szekler traditions.
Dimensiunea fermei: 
5 ha + 50 ha agricultural land.
Luni in care se accepta voluntari: 
All year.
Activitatile voluntarului: 
The main preocupation of the farm is horse-braking, organizing tours with horses, teaching children on the farm, handling a horse chart, keeping after the animals, preparing the feed, taking care of the garden, breeding animals (sheep and cattle).
Staff accomodation rooms.
Shared meals with the family
Cateva cuvinte despre familie: 
2 children, 1 grandchildren.
Animale de companie: 
Dogs, cats.
Alte mentiuni: