WWOOF Romania - Organic and Traditional Peasant Farms

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Due to the national state of emergency generated by the COVID-19 pandemic we decided to suspend our program until further notice. For issues regarding the program and subscriptions please write to wwwoofromania@gmail.com so that they can be sorted out individually with the program coordinators. 

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is an international program that offers people the chance to be host farmers and volunteers who work together and have knowledge exchanges on organic farms.

WWOOF Romania has 54 host farms and 1,000 volunteers from over 30 countries have participated in the program.

Romania is well known for its traditional peasant farms which are also organic farms. They provide unique opportunities for volunteers to learn about the peasant lifestyle, village culture and traditional farming methods.

Our Vision - We envision a society that is environmentally sustainable, economically fair and socially just where peasants and other agroecological farmers are the central part of our food system.

Our Mission - We aim to support farmers who use agroecological methods to grow healthy food and wish to activate a movement of young farmers in Romania. Our program will connect and encourage volunteers and host farmers to have knowledge exchanges and work together to make small-scale farms in Romania more sustainable. We will collaborate with the Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) to promote the global WWOOF movement and its values.

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