Ferma Ecologica Topa
Contact person: 
Dan and Tincuta Cismas
Languages spoken on the farm: 
English, German, Romanian.
Description of the area: 
In the center of the transylvanian highlands, 400m over sea level, hilly grassland with woods and high diversity. Agricultural use, small farm entities, touristic area.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Mixed organic (biodynamic) farm, roses for cosmetic use, herbs, vegetables, soft fruit, cereals, 10 cows, fodder crops.
Farm size: 
Approximately 35 ha: 22 ha pasture and grassland, 5 roses, 7 cereals, 1 vegetables and herbs.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
April , May , June ,July, August, September.
Volunteer activities: 
Garden works, planting, weeding, seeding, harvesting, herbs, roses, fruit, jam preparation, cheese preparation, making bread, marketing, harvest of hay and straw.
Accomodation is very simple, hot shower and rich food is assured. Next town and rail station si 8 km.
We eat meat but a vegetarian can survive easily.
A few words about the family: 
The farm is run by a family, 1 tractorist, a cook, two persons responsible for the animals, vocational training for 5 young adults.
Dogs and lots of cats