Alma's Farm

Alma's Farm
Contact person: 
Alma Alexandrov
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian,English, German, Russian, Bulgarian.
Description of the area: 
The village is situated 20 miles away from the Black Sea, though on the second road from the main city Constanta (38 km from Constanta) to Bulgaria. This village has actually 2 parts: one closer to the main road where a bus connects it with Constanta about 8 times per day and the other part which is 1 mile away, direction east. This house is situated in the first part of the village, closer to the main road. The houses here were made by brick and were the homes of the agro technical engineers during the communist time, when here was the headquarter of the communal farm, which was owned by the state at that time and now it is privatized and split between my neighbors. Actually this house is in the middle of the village. The house is surrounded by very nice farms, owned by elder farmers who would like to share their experiences with teenagers. One of them will also cook for the volunteers, because she used to work in restaurants on the seaside. On the seaside they can visit many attractions: ruins of the old Greek colonies (2500 years old): Tomis, Histria, Callatis, summer resorts like Mamaia (best for clubbing) or Vama Veche, which is more hippie oriented and also Bulgaria is 20 kilometers away, but the most important destination in my opinion is Techirghiol lake. Techirghiol lake is 15 minutes drive direction Constanta. It is a lake which is 5 times saltier than the Black Sea and it is a magic destination for insiders. It has a saprophelic mud on the bottom. Bathing in this lake can prolonge someone's life. It cures bone affections, sterility, blood pressure asn.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Vegetables - tomatoes, fruit trees, but myself I totally rely on the know how of my neighbors. My house one of the best renovated in the area and I acquired it with the same purpose as the volunteers have: to learn how to live in a strong connection with the nature. I have a travel agency and traveled all over the world and I decided that the most important thing in life is to learn how to control the things surrounding you, and not to be 100% controlled by them (including gadgets).
Farm size: 
630 m2.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
22.08 - 20.09, 01.10-15.10.2019.
Volunteer activities: 
Planting trees, learning how to farm chicken, painting furniture and inventing simple nature solutions for farming, as for example stocking rain water which is extremely loved by the plants.
The house is consisting of 2 parts: one single room in front of the house with direct access to the hall and an apartment with 2 bedrooms and one living room in the back of the house. In the house can sleep also 6 people, but there is only one bathroom. So, for 2 volunteers there are wonderful conditions: they will have a single bedroom and a shared living room and also a big kitchen, terrace.
We can adapt to all kind of diets, but the volunteers shall know that we are cooking from the raw and the taste will be very different from fast food.
A few words about the family: 
Im am 42, have a travel agency in on the seaside, speak several foreign languages and bought this house one year ago, especially for my family, for my father to can use his carpenter skills in open air and for both my mother and my father to can bathe in the Techirghiol lake to live 100 years. Also my fiancee's dog is very happy to relax in the garden any time we bring him there and he is mixing magic flavors in his had, like barbecue + herbs. Me and my fiancee are traveling a lot, but this is now for us home. Here we take our energy.
One dog temporarily, many cats from the neighbor gardens who come and visit. Also the chicken of the neighbors are extremely close to us and delivering us eco eggs every day.