Contact person: 
Radu Iliescu
Languages spoken on the farm: 
native Romanian, English – very good, French – excellent, Spanish – very good
Description of the area: 
Diribao is surrounded by hills in Cluj County, Transylvania. Situated at about 8 km from the communal center, Diribao is located at the border of a very small village, about 100 individuals all together of small holder farmers. Almost no traffic (anyway, mainly horse dragged cart-wagons), very quiet, in close proximity with the communal pasture (cow moos and nice cowbell sound provided during the day). Warm climate during the summer days, however nights are a little chilly.
What do you grow on the farm: 
1 horse, 4 cow calves, lambs, tens of rabbits (and counting…), 6 pairs of pigeons (and counting…). Piglets, geese, chickens and turkeys. We grow the main food for these animals: hay, alfalfa, oats, corn, sunflowers. Also, we use a 70 sq. meters greenhouse and 400 sq. meters garden for main vegetables.
Farm size: 
3,8 ha + 2,3 ha (leasehold property). The land we use for the moment is as it follows: 2,6 ha for household, young orchard (2nd year) and pasture – our own, 1,2 ha for pasture (alfalfa) – our own, 2,3 ha for main crops (corn+beans+pumpkins, mangolds, oats) – leasehold property.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
all year round
Volunteer activities: 
This year we intend to continue building the main house – cob & cordwood technique, so the main activity during sunny days will be cob-making and plastering. Also, we will be involved in many basic household and garden activities: feeding and caring for animals, planting, cutting down grass (early in the morning, due to the dew!), harvesting, thatching, weeding, basic carpentry, mulching, fetching water, cooking. We can “teach” and share any of these activities with volunteers, depending on their own interest and preferences. Stunning sunsets and talking by the fire until sleep gets us is the common end of the each day at Diribao. We haven’t had enough of them yet.
2 – 4 places in our recently built 4 x 4 metres cob & cordwood cottage. Also camping - please bring you own tent and sleeping bag, however if you don't have one we may provide it for you or you can share the tent with other volunteers. Our own personal preference: sleeping bag set down on straw bales, under the brilliant night sky. Cricket rippling ambiance always included. :) Compost toilet and sun shower at the placement. Phone signal – quite unsteady, depending on the user’s network. Good signal is constantly reached on the higher sides – about 150-200 metres from the house. For the moment, we don’t have any AC source.
We eat vegetables and meat, eggs, milk and cheese – only local and trusted sources. We enjoy drinking beer regularly during the hot days of summer, sometimes sips of wine in the evening and, especially in rainy days, local palincă (palinka) – plum brandy
A few words about the family: 
Throughout the volunteering season, Radu (French teacher) will be always present, and sometimes his wife, Delia (multi-lingual translator) and three children. Occasionaly, Silviu (sportsman) and Christine (economist) land at Diribao for few weeks. Friends – at least as nice as us - visit us from time to time. The more, the merrier.
One young Mioritic Shepherd – male and two female puppies – Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) and Romanian Bucovina Shepherd.
Other comments: 

Diribao is the code name for a future neo-peasant community in a currently almost desolate region. Diribao is not only an interest-based community, but a heart-to-heart community, able to get to a state of a long-term constant self-sufficiency, far from the dangerous paradigm of hypermodern way of life. Diribao is the code name of a collective dream we dream and hardly work for a few years now. If you share the same dream of simplicity, beauty and freedom, you’ll come as a volunteer and leave as our friend.

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