George's Farm

George's Farm
Contact person: 
Badila George
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian, French, English, Some Dutch, some German and some Thai, not sure the last one will be used a lot.
Description of the area: 
the village is in a plain area.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Vegetables and some animals like goats and sheep.
Farm size: 
1 ha.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
all year round
Volunteer activities: 
taking care of the animals, planting trees and preparing the land for vegetable cultures.
one room, can accomodate two people and a shared bathroom
We can adapt to all kind of diets.
A few words about the family: 
Maria and I. She is 46, used to take care of my grandmother until she passed away and now takes care of the farm. And I 32, came back from belgium with new ideas to develop an eco farm.
Two dogs and two cats.