Contact person: 
Merhautová Iva
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Cczech, Romanian, English, little German
Description of the area: 
We live in one of the 6 czech villages in Banat region. The countryside is hilly, n good conditions we see the tops of Semenic mountains. There are forests and fields everywhere around the village. We are 7 km far from the Donau river which draws the border between Romania and Serbia here. The village is unique with its beautifull houses, people in traditional costumes and czech katholic traditions in the middle of orthodox country.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Vegetable, grains, legumes, fruit, nuts, herbs and hay for the cattle. We have small herd of cows, which are outside on the pastures the whole year.
Farm size: 
10 ha
Months when they accept voulteers: 
all year
Volunteer activities: 
gardening, cleaning land, building, woodwork, household works, baby sitting
tent in the garden, the hay in the barn, mattress in our unfurnished attic
vegan, vegetarian, for meat-eaters our grandmother´s traditional kitchen
A few words about the family: 
We are young family with two childern (3 and 1 year). We are repairing and old house, where my man´s grandparents used to live. We are trying to live as close to the nature as possible and slowly increase our self-sufficiency and independence. As there are mostly old people in the village we are glad for visitors with childern, so our kids have some playmates.Our grandparents who live close to us have two donkeys, hans, pigs and cows so there is plenty of occupation for the childern´s curios minds.
dog, cat, cows