In Goats we trust

In Goats we trust
Contact person: 
Delia Fătu
Languages spoken on the farm: 
German, Romanian, English
Description of the area: 
Hilly area
What do you grow on the farm: 
Vegetables - small quantity, birds: chicken, animals - more, goats, fruit trees, vines, wheat field, corn field, potato field.
Farm size: 
Approximately, one hectare and a half.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
from April (or May, or June, it depends on weather) till September - October (it depends)
Volunteer activities: 
Exclusively field work, vines, wheat field, corn field, potato field (from early time till finish, that includes transport of natural fertilizers, collected from my animals, (phases that make the field ready for plowing), picking fruits (cherries, apples, plums, pears), eventually milling them to make them ready for distillation (when case), gardening, cleaning the stables and the cages of birds and animals, digging the garden, and at last, but not the least, small reparations that are needed.
holiday house (two)
there is no restriction what food requires, I cook non-vegetarian food for my husband but because I am becoming recently vegetarian (of personal reasons) I cook separately for me.
A few words about the family: 
Our family is consisted of two members: one is healthy (me) and my husband, who is retired because of illness; we are young, under 50, no children (unfortunately), but a big amount of work. My husband is a foreign citizen, retired in Romania where we "built" a small farm, at the beginning, but because of the pleasure to work outside it grew more with the time, and now I find myself not able to face it alone, specially when I have to do man-work where requires more craft.
dogs, cats
Other comments: 

Sometimes it will be no work needed, because of the weather, so the volunteer can rest...or read a book, or watch TV, or surfing Internet. You can also visit beautiful landmarks:

  • Wood church "Saints Archangels Mihail and Gavriil", village Plopiş, County Maramureş, built in XVIII. Century, on the list of historical monuments of UNESCO;
  • Wood church from village Şurdeşti its a historical monument on the list of Unesco, which is dedicated to the "Saints Archangels", built in XVIII. Century; the height of the tower is 54 M.;
  • "Joyful cemetery" from village Săpânţa, County Maramureş - again of international importance
  • National park "Rodnei Mountains"
  • Natural Reserve "Creasta Cocoşului"
  • Mineralogy Museum in city of Baia Mare,

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