Huta Marca Farm

Huta Marca Farm
Contact person: 
Puscas Sergiu Claudiu
Languages spoken on the farm: 
English, Spanish, Italian ,Hungarian, Romanian or Slovakian.
Description of the area: 
Our village is situated at 700 m above the sea level, surrounded by breathtaking views. The view is spectacular, the air is pure, water comes from our own springs that have 6.3 ph level.Tthe local people are very warm . Here are still alive old and lost traditions. The slovakian village have 5 families.The village is practically on a mountain top (the last mountain top of the Carpatians) surrounded on all sides by a true virgin forests.The view is breathtaking at night and by day.
What do you grow on the farm: 
This farm is based on growing ecological blackberry (0.70 hectares), vegetables ( permaculture) and we have 7 pigs, 1 female donkey and 1 foal, the animals roam free .Our home is a space where we learn and experience the connection with nature and with ourselves, about ecology, permaculture, sustainability, natural building.
Farm size: 
7 ha.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
All year.
Volunteer activities: 
We intend to rebuild the secondary house and one geodesic dome for the Volunteer. Also, we will be involved in many basic household and garden activities: feeding and caring for animals, planting, cutting down grass harvesting blackberries , basic carpentry, mulching,cooking and different activities around the farm. We can “teach” and share any of these activities with volunteers, depending on their own interest and preferences.leisure activities: Stunning sunsets and talking by the fire ,jacuzzi hot tub,wood hot tub,metal detecting in the woods, barbeque time or gaming on the pc.
Two bedrooms for guests/volunteers or tent if you like to experience it .Bathroom Kitchen, Terrace, WiFi, Phone signal - OK. Fire place in the yard barbeque jacuzzi , wooden hot tube.
We like to eat simple and healthy. The suggestions and participation from volunteers are welcome while cooking .
A few words about the family: 
I live at the farm with my girlfriend and my parents.
We own three dogs and a cat.
Other comments: 

We expect our guests to be sociable, open minded, cheerful and lovely.

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