Ivan Farm

Ivan Farm
Contact person: 
Ivan Viorica Gyongyi
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian, Hungarian, German beginners, Italian beginner, English at beginners need are open to learn.
Description of the area: 
The town is right in the hillside area at an altitude of 140 m above sea level. From a geological point of view, the perimeter is situated between two different areas: the "Codru" hill with the piedmont hills and "Someşul Plain", which is the second geomorphological form of this vast territory. A beautiful area with acacia and oak forests.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Noble vine (grapes); many fruit trees. 5 bee families, a small vegetable garden.
Farm size: 
0,8 Ha
Months when they accept voulteers: 
All year
Volunteer activities: 
We welcome people who know how to work with vineyards, fruit trees, until processing, vinification, brandy making. Gathering fruits, grapes, nuts, berries, making jam, picking mushrooms from the forest, drying the fruits. Cook. Beekeeping. Renovation of spaces and completion of existing ones with modifications in the sense of separating a future bathroom. Built fence. Repair of building restoration. Manufacturing of rustic wood. Built bread oven. Built wooden cottage. We need someone skilled in construction, electrical installations, pluvial water collection system, to restore an old building from the ground.
Accommodation can be made in the holiday home, a room with 4 beds (floor 32 square meters + 2 terraces 12 square meters unfinished), the mini kitchen being part of an antechamber processing grapes from where they descend into the cellar. You can also put a tent in the yard. A lot of cooking is done in the yard, only when needed in the rain can be done in the house. No bath only shower and ecological toilet in the yard. Current, TV, Internet connection if needed. The property has no water source at the moment, water must be supplied from the natural spring at 2 km from the property, with the car.
There is no restriction, you can eat whatever you want, on request.
A few words about the family: 
I have inherited this land and I have no idea what to do with it, one thing that I know is that I do not want to separate from it. The lands are mostly vineyards and fruit trees. This land was a part time for me. With great effort, I got up to date with the works. I do not live on the property, but I go daily after the work hours, 4-5 hours. Only the weekend I sit there.
Two dogs visiting the property: Lili German hunting dog from neighbors and Foxy a wandering dog but both very friendly.
Other comments: 


We expect our guests to be sociable, open, hardworking, cheerful and loving. We do not tolerate violent people, racism, religious fanatics. There is no need for nonstop work; so you can "rest" in the meantime or read a book. You can also visit the surroundings, walks in the woods, nearby thermal water (18 km).

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