Koliba Ashram

Koliba Ashram
Contact person: 
Ondřej Landa
Languages spoken on the farm: 
English, Czech, Japanese, Romanian
Description of the area: 
Traditional land of Czech people of southern Banat. Contryside, slopes of Almaj mountains.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Fruits and vegetables.
Farm size: 
1 ha.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
Volunteer activities: 
Gardening, natural construction, cooking and cleaning, helping organizing ashram activities.
The ashram itself is a modest natural place with two small buildings and basic living and farming equipment. It was made out of a shepherd cottage, built from cob and wood in 1933. Visitors stays in caravan (2-4 people) and tents (6-12 people) which are provided. It is also possible to bring one’s own tent or a van (there are many possibilities to park the car on the meadows surrounding the ashram). Drinking water comes from a mountain spring 200m far from the main house where is also installed a basic cold shower system. At the same place washing clothes by hand is done. For washing body, clothes and dishes ONLY BIO-DEGRADABLE and NATURAL SOAPS and SHAMPOOS are used (please, don’t use anything else). For watering the garden and for personal refreshment one can find 5m wide second-hand swimming pool. Available is also wood-stove-heated sauna. Basic solar system provides the possibility to charge a phone or tablet through USB. The place itself is (surprisingly) reached by very good 4G signal.
Vegetarian and vegan.
A few words about the family: 
The place was established in 2012 by Ondřej and his Japanese ex-partner Fukiko in a remote mountain areain Romania as a basement for their anthropological studies of the traditional local Czech farming community. Soon Kolíba developed into an organic family farm focusing on self-sufficiency and aiming the independency and “off the grid” way of living. Achieving this in 2015, the self-sufficient goals have been gradually put aside and since 2016 the farm was transforming into Ondřej’s personal hermitage focusing more on spiritual practice, art and basic gardening. From 2014 to 2019 the farm/hermitage was hosting various volunteers and students as well as being a basement for one-week-long silent zen-yoga retreats (which includes trekking and farming training). Recently the place has gain a communal character as “Kolíba Ashram”. It is open to all who wish to grow and rise their consciousness through regular zen and yoga practice, as well as through art, farming and outdoor sport activities. And, of course, who are ready and willing to train and cultivate their personality through communal way of living.
Other comments: 

Ashram has a set schedule but visitors are free to join any of the activities according to their own will. However, it is important to note that ashram is not a leisure center and doesn’t serve as a spiritual vacation hotel. The pillar of the daily schedule is the ZEN MEDITATION (Zazen or Kinhin) and HATHA-YOGA (or dance-based) exercise. Zen is practiced two times a day in 30, 40 or 50 minutes long sessions. Yoga is practiced once per day in 50 to 100 minutes long sessions. Both, yoga and meditation, are practiced daily apart from Saturday evening and Sunday. Both are happening outside. In case of difficult weather the Zazen is held in a big tent or hermitage house and yoga is omitted. The rest of the day is filled with farming, maintenance and cooking work, or with art (music, dance, juggling, theatre, painting, carving etc.) and specific outdoor activities (rockclimbing, trekking, slack-lining etc.)

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