Magaresti Farm
Contact person: 
Pasc Gheorghe
Languages spoken on the farm: 
French spoken well, also basic English but my daughter speaks it well.
Description of the area: 
Hilly area at the bottom of the Apuseni mountains, on the valley of the Crisul Alb river, 15 km north from the Codru Moma massive.
What do you grow on the farm: 
We grow small surfaces of potatoes and vegetables. The farm has an 1.5 ha apple orchard. The main activities on the farm are cutting and gathering hay for the three cows (done in the period of 1st July - 15 August) and after this, the harvesting of the apples (until the 30th of October). We also have 2 pigs and 30 chicken on the farm.
Farm size: 
The farm has approximately 3 ha of haymeadows, 1.5 ha of orchard and 4 ha of forests.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
June ,July, August ,September ,October, November but we accept one volunteer also in the other months.
Volunteer activities: 
Main activities for volunteers are the gathering of the hay from the orchard (the cutting of the hay is mechanized), at the hay-meadows the gathering is also mechanized, gathering the apples, sending the animals to the communal pasture in the morning and bringing them home at night, feeding the pigs and the chicken, cleaning the forest.
Volunteers can stay in the three rooms of the house, but also, if they want, they can sleep in the hay-barn.
We have a varied diet on the farm.
A few words about the family: 
The family consists of me, George, and my mother, who is suffering from paralysis, this also being a reason why we need help on the farm. My daughter, Dalia, works as an engineer in Ineu, but comes home every Friday to help us.
One very obedient dog named Reis.
Other comments: 

Work on the farm is easy, as the heaviest activities are done mechanized. The area is really beautiful, we have a wooden church of almost 500 years old in the village. All the products are natural as we do not use chemicals on the farm.

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