Natural Balance

Natural Balance Farm
Contact person: 
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian, English, bit of French, a bit of German.
Description of the area: 
It is situated in the northern Carpathian mountains, at 450 m altitude with a near peak of 800 m altitude. It is situated in a region of mountains with peaks up to 2000 m altitude.
What do you grow on the farm: 
A lot of fruit trees, walnuts(a lot), apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, plum trees, sour cherry trees and many more, a large varieties of shrubs, a lot of wild nuts, wild berries, vegetables, ornamental flowers and wild/medicinal flowers, ornamental trees etc.
Farm size: 
2,5 hectares. A hillside farm, with forest climateric conditions, with plenty of water, natural humidity and a naturally balanced ecosistem.The main concern is to keep that balace in perfect shape. We have a lot of fruit trees, shrubs, berries and wild greenery.There is also a house and some additional buildings like workshop, firewood store place, animal stables and the little house for guests. A lot of land with a lot of walnuts harvesting every year,fruit trees,fruit shrubs,vegetables,flowers,medicinal plants,spring water.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
Anytime of the year.
Volunteer activities: 
To take part of the farm, to be passionate about permaculture, and what is more important to love nature and its laws. We want, along with the volunteers to manage the garden by permacultural laws, and by this we mean making the plan, planting seeds, creating raised beds(hugelkultur and mandala), mulching the soil, planting fruit trees, fruit shrubs, ornamental shrubs, flowers, to scheme the foodforest, making compost, fencing the land with resulted weeds, and by planting species that are best for this kind of fence. The volunteers will take part of whatever the activities we have in plan, and it is best for they to know what to do in different situations at a farm! By this I mean from ground to top :) ......making food, discussing whatever they have in mind about a permacultural farm, designing the gardens with flowers, stones, upon raised beds, planting, replanting, mulching, cleaning, building a bread oven, designing and building a ground basement etc; If in summer - there will be harvesting fruits/vegetabels/medicinal plants (along with collecting the seeds from them and preserving them) /mushroom; cleaning the garden, making raised beds, maintaining them and the existing constructions as well, collecting seeds from wild greenery, vegetables, flowers etc, Preserving vegetables for the winter(all sorts of..) fruits, vegetables, weeds. The whole process explained. We take care of the well feeling of the volunteers, recreation is a "must have" at our farm , meaning there will be artistic/creative workshops - making soap, candles, handmade accesories especially out of leather (knife scabbards), wood , silver. There will be a fire place where we can chill and cook :) or sing -whatever people want - it is very important to colaborate with each other, and express our desires, only by this we can make things flow. And most of all- we have beautiful hills with forests, that will be seen :)
One little guest house - meaning one little room for 2 persons; in my house I can offer 1 spot where the volunteer could sleep and keep his/her personal things; A room with two beds<---in progress, Space for tents---A LOT. In the house , a bathroom with a shower(hot water)+ toilet; And outside for "tent-ers" there is an Eco toilet. Other utilities: spring water(cold/hot), electricity, internet, shower, toilets, food, joy :) , and useful work for the rest of our lives.
We sustain whatever the volunteers want to eat.
A few words about the family: 
We are a couple, exhausted with the city and all that includes marketing and corporations and chemical solutions right above our heads. Couple formed by Mihai and Roxy .
Two dogs, a three years old german hound and a year old caucasian shepherd.
Other comments: 

We sustain a good and practical way of thinking. Hope for a serious colaboration. We expect serious and passionate people, about permaculture.

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