Nea Stanciu's

Nea Stanciu's Farm
Contact person: 
Stanciu Laurentiu
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian, English, French, Italian.
Description of the area: 
What do you grow on the farm: 
Animals, vegetables, fruits.
Farm size: 
Aprox: 1 ha.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
June, July, August, September.
Volunteer activities: 
Clean and fed animals, to put and harvest vegetables, maintenance, some small construction if needed.
House with everything.
No diet, all from courtyard, natural.
A few words about the family: 
I am a Romanian and a British citizen as well, former military, actually work abroad. Love animals and nature, like eat natural grow up in my courtyard.
3 Romanian Shepherd Bucovina and 2 German Shepherd.