Our Rural Adventure

Rural Adventure
Contact person: 
Lora Toma
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian and English fluent, soma basic Spanish.
Description of the area: 
Mountain area at 670m altitude. The farm is in the Poiana Ruscai (Carpathian Mountains) in the west of Romania, along the banks of the tributary Cerna. We live in a scattered village, annex to the small town of Lunca Cernii de Jos, which is about 10 minutes away by car. Traditionally, it is primarily a livestock growing area, and there are many small to medium farms of cattle and sheep. There are also many small subsistence farms. It is a beautiful area for hiking in the nearby mountains and swimming in the fast flowing but shallow Negoi river, 2 minutes walk from the house. The land is easily accessible by car and bus (there is a bus stop right in front of the farm) as it is on national road DJ687D. The village is situated 20 miles away from the Cincis Lake, an amazing place to visit in the summers, and 30 miles from Hunedoara. Monday and Fridays there is a bus leaving to Hunedoara and returning in the afternoons, which you can take to visit Corvins' Castle, a very beautiful local attraction, or you can go to Fortress which is another 20 minutes away from Hunedoara. The house is surrounded by very nice farms, owned by elder farmers who love to share their experiences with anyone willing to listen.
What do you grow on the farm: 
The farm grows vegetables, fruits and some small livestock(chicken and rabbit) for now. We are especially interested in volunteers with experience in permaculture or organic farming methods. We strive to grow fruits and vegetables according to permaculture and forest gardening. We totally rely on the know-how of our neighbours, often we help them with their garden in order to learn from them. Most neighbours practice traditional agriculture but there are still things that you can learn and adapt to a permaculture style garden. to learn how to live in a strong connection with nature.
Farm size: 
An acre
Months when they accept voulteers: 
All year round
Volunteer activities: 
We are, for the first time since starting this adventure, considering inviting volunteers to partake in our projects, we hope to start building some straw bale cabins for visitors/volunteers. We need help with the garden, making hay and chopping firewood. Work in the garden and orchard, mainly keeping away the weeds. Harvesting, a lot of things still need to be designed and built. In summer, we make hay, if you are interested you can learn - scything (mowing grass by scythe - hand tool, no engine), drying and stacking hay in a special way outdoors with no cover to preserve it for winter , we don't use any industrial chemicals in our hay or any part of our land. Basic or medium woodworking and Cutting wood logs and arranging them for winter. Wood maintenance basic works - painting, sanding etc. Helping with preparing homemade liquors, jams, syrups, winter pickles. Picking local plants to dry for tea and health. Besides this, long cultural discussions, we love to share with anyone all we know about our wonderful country - we love meeting people.
Volunteers will stay in the same sweet old house with us, having all the comfort we also enjoy. Hot water heated by the sun, so shours are only available on the hot sunny days, otherwise a small bath and a pot on the stove are used to wash. Outhouse for now but we hope to do a compost toilet by this autumn. . For the volunteers who'd like to stay in tents during summer season, there is plenty of space in our orchard. Please check with us if tents are available or you need t bring one with you. Phone / laptop charging, basic internet.
Some of our meals are vegetarian, during summer time many meals are raw food from the garden, but we are omnivorous. All the milk, cheese and eggs come from farmers in the village. Drinking water comes from a spring. We eat many seasonal fruits.
A few words about the family: 
Adrian and I have moved here in 2020, after 9 years in London, to see if we can live this challenging life while, we hoped, the world was coming back to normal. We are still here, still wondering if this life is what we want. Learning every day, getting better by making mistakes; which is, we believe, the fastest way to learn. We hope to share everything we experienced in our transition, from the big city to the small village. We do our best to be present in the moment and true to ourselves while doing the actions that lead to a more sustainable living ; hoping to positively impact the nature around us and our neighbours. We hoped to get back to the roots since 2015 when we acquired a house in the countryside - but we were scared of this idea of being at the mercy of nature, eating only what we can raise and grow ourselves; it took a worldwide lockdownd to bring us here.
Soc( a tomcat ) and Ada( a rescue large wolf mixed dog ). Pets are welcome (if they are friendly with other animals and don’t eat our livestock).
Other comments: 

The area where we are is excellent for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and caving. We practice all that with joy in our free time or whenever we feel like it. We hope to learn guitar playing and we love drawing and dancing.

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