Saint Wednesday

Saint Wednesday House
Contact person: 
Silviu Man
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian (native), English (very good), German (medium).
Description of the area: 
Our house and homestead is 150 km / 2h drive (N-W) from Bucharest. We are surrounded by hills and forests of Northern Wallachia, in the "Valea Vâlsanului" (River Vâlsan Valley) natural reserve. Nearby we enjoy the neighbourhood of orchards, pastures and small patches of cornfields. We are just five minutes walk from getting into the forest. Our village is almost on the verge of extinction. There are days where NO car is moving around our secondary road. "Crowded" days may count 2 or 3 local cars. :) Climate is warm during summer, still a little bit chilly by night.
What do you grow on the farm: 
We don't have any animals yet. We do have a small vegetable garden, trees, fruit bushes and flowers. We have a young mixed orchard, a productive apple orchard and some old plum tree orchards. Also a pasture.
Farm size: 
Our home is surrounded by 0.5 ha (1.2 acres) - garden, orchard, pasture. In the village we also own small patches of forests, pastures and orchards.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
All year round, in principle.
Volunteer activities: 
Depending on the season and each volunteer's strength - scything (mowing grass by scythe - hand tool, no engine), stacking hay, basic gardening. Concerning gardening, we don't use any industrial chemicals. When in need, we make our own gardening mixtures. Basic or medium woodworking. Preparing the daily meals. Helping with preparing homemade liquors, jams, syrups, winter pickles. Picking local plants for drying for tea. Cutting wood logs and arranging them for winter. Wood maintenance basic works - painting, sanding etc. Besides this, long cultural discussions squeeze in - we love meeting people.
Volunteers will stay in the same sweet old house with us, having all the comfort we also enjoy. Hot water heated on the solar panel on the roof. Inside bathroom with septic tank (an outside bathroom still to come). Wifi. For the volunteers who'd like to stay in tent during summer season, there is plenty of space in our orchard.
We are omnivorous, but a vegetarian will also have an easy life here.
A few words about the family: 
We are Silviu & Cristina and our two children (4 and 1 year old, in 2019). In my childhood, I Silviu, was raised here. After 10 years of living in crowdy, dusty and noisy Bucharest, we decided to get back to the roots - so we renovated my great-grandparents wattle-and-daub (earth and wood stakes) 90 year old house, trying to preserve as much as possible from the real, authentic feeling of the place. I, Silviu, am an independent nonverbal theatre performer, Bachelor in Law (never practised) and a Master of Arts in Anthropology, both in Bucharest. Cristina has a Bachelor in Economics at Economic Studies Academy in Bucharest. We enjoy meeting people sharing the same vision as us and are happy to share everything we experienced in our city to village transition and the cultural challenges raised by the Romanian rural life in the 21st century.
Two friendly tomcats and one big and one furry and softhearted Romanian shepherd dog.