Sandu' Farm

Sandu' Farm
Contact person: 
Denisa Sandu
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian, english (Denisa), italian( the father and the mother).
Description of the area: 
What do you grow on the farm: 
We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, onion, corn, potatoes, red melon, melon, beans, carrot, celery, parsley And we have chickens, two pigs, pigeons.
Farm size: 
Medium, 5000 m3 of vegetables, the rest is for cereals.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
June, July, August, September, and possibly October.
Volunteer activities: 
Weed removal with the hand, weeding, removing the excess of leaves from the tomatoes, picking vegetables, feeding animals, tying tomatoes, etc
We live at home and we can get 2 volunteers, we have a bigger room, like a living room and we can extend the couch for 2 people.
We eat what we produce, if somebody wants somethins special, we can cook. We can cook the meat separatly, there are a lot of solutions.
A few words about the family: 
We are a young family, the father, Ilie is 42 years old, the mother, Monica is 38 years. Together we have 3 beautiful children, one girl, Denisa, 17 years old and two boys of 7 (Elias), respectively 3 (Matei).
One dog, called Flufi, 2 cats Pufi and Tom, and other cats who visits us.
Other comments: 

My father always wanted to have a farm, my parents are coming from the country. Everything is natural here, and so they has taught us too. Until a few years ago, my parents left abroad to work. In 2010 I (Denisa) and my mother, we settled in the country, after some time my dad came and started this small farm. My mom is engaged in a garment factory until 16 o'clock, and after she is coming home and is helping my father in the garden until late at night. Even if I can help them, I can not be non-stop in the garden, especially since I do not deal with everytime, I have other activities, I am the second editor of a newspaper written by children and adolescents and volunteer in the city. With this farm we try to survive. In the spring and autumn, my dad makes some money with the tractor and during the summer we live with what we produce and sell. That's why my dad can not afford to hire somebody, with the money we make in the summer, we try to keep ourselves in the winter. We are an organic farm, that is, we try to limit the use of chemicals as much as possible. Unless the plants are threatened by a disease, then we intervene and even then we do not take the most harmful products, we try to be natural or hurt the environment as little as possible. My father has a quote , how can I give such chemicals to plants when I know that my children will eat from here?

We would be very happy to have people who wants to help us.

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