Contact person: 
Albrecht Köllner / Johanna Forsberg
Languages spoken on the farm: 
German, Swedish, English, Romanian, a little Italian and French.
Description of the area: 
The farm is in a rather isolated village in the Podișul Hârtibaciului (Harbach highlands) close to the Fagaraş mountains. Our village is surrounded by meadows, fields and forests and offers beautiful opportunities for walking or trekking. There is no bus or train and the roads are mainly in a poor condition. The next train station is 18 km, the next larger city (Sibiu) about 70 km away. There are about 150 people in the village and our main attractions beside the marvelous landscape are silence and clean air. We have a car and about once a week we go to the city.
What do you grow on the farm: 
Our farming has not started yet as we are currently reconstructing and repairing our house, the stable and so on. We do have a large fruit garden that has been used as meadow for about 20 years. To re-cultivate that area, based on organic principles and permaculture is one of many tasks at hand. As soon as the urgent repairs of the buildings are done we will begin with goat farming and cheese making.
Farm size: 
2000 sqm that once had been and shall be again fruit and vegetables garden, less than 10 ha meadows
Months when they accept voulteers: 
May - October, We prefer volunteers to stay at least four weeks.
Volunteer activities: 
Volunteers with handicraft skills are welcome to work with clay, lime, wood and other ecological materials at the construction site. Those with gardening skills will find their place as well. We do have experience in finding interesting tasks for all kinds of people – there is food for 4-8 people to prepare, bread to bake, fruits to harvest and to preserve, dairy work, fences to build, children to be taken care of, landscape to explore…We are hard working and expect volunteers to be a help to us. We can not provide "taxi services" to the city but of course there is always space in the car when we do our (weekly) trip to one of the cities nearby.
We can offer accommodation in a tent or in the hay. For those who might stay longer a separate room in the village can be arranged if needed. At our place we share with our guests and volunteers a hot shower, a composting toilet (outdoors), internet and a landline connection and mediocre cellphone coverage.
We enjoy good, organic (when possible) and healthy food. That includes an occasional meat stew as well. We get fresh stuff, milk and meat in the village from small traditional farms. Vegetarians are welcome and won't starve.
A few words about the family: 
We are a half Swedish, half German couple with one small child. Both coming from the city we decided to live our dream of an honest life on the countryside. We both have experience of country life, farming and taking care of animals. Johanna has wwoofing experience from many countries, including Romania! We stay in a small house in the village and enjoy visits from friends and neighbors.
Yet, we have no animals of our own, but the village and our neighbors provide us with a lot of help, including pets. Expect to meet dogs, cats, chickens and sheep in our back yard. Cats and educated dogs are welcome.
Other comments: 
We are difficult to reach (but easy to find in the middle of Romania) and can pick you up/drop you off at a train station/airport nearby.

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