Tao Life

Tao Life
Contact person: 
Elisabeta Ghelber
Languages spoken on the farm: 
Romanian, Italian English, French
Description of the area: 
We have 1.5 hectares of land: courtyard, garden, orchard, in a calm village in the foothills of the mountain Capatanii. We are here from 2012, renovating an old peasant house and a small holistic center who its almost ready. In summer time we keep workshop and courses .Our volunteers can help us as our center to work well as courses take place, and at the same time have the opportunity to learn from lectures and workshops presented.
What do you grow on the farm: 
We started with a small garden because we focus on building our house and fances but we have several pieces of land that can be used as grassland and the vegetable garden. One of the many tasks we have to accomplish is to re-cultivate this garden with permaculture principles and organic gardening, harvesting the fruit of our own chime of the berries, medicinal plants cultivation of vegetables, and other. We work with wood, hay, orchards (nuts, plum, cherry, apple) and a garden with varieties of potatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage (white, red, summer, winter ), beets, tomatoes, beans, carrots and others.
Farm size: 
1.5 hectares
Months when they accept voulteers: 
Volunteer activities: 
work in the garden and orchard, weeding. Picking and aid in design and construction. Division of household tasks such as cooking. We want to ask for help and to call for volunteers in series of two weeks for various activities specific to each period of year. In every week we offer tours of the area in different directions to local attractions, monasteries, caves, historical places and others. Every evening we can sit together around a fire by playing together the planetary gongs, tibetan bowls, drum, drum shamanic ,shrutibox and other natural instruments, so after a day of work we regenerate the physical and energetic body. Volunteers are invited to work with clay, wood and other organic materials. Those who have knowledge of gardening will also find their place in our community. We are experienced in finding all kinds of interesting activities for different people. We must prepare food for all who attended courses or workshops center, baking, gathering and preserved fruits, build fences, build small rooms for wood and even for sleeping in summer, gathering hay, firewood supply, various repairs and even building green houses from cob, adobe, stone, and other materials, to explore the surroundings ... we expect that the volunteers who come to be helpful.
Building with 5 rooms with separate bathroom (if not occupied by participants in workshops), tents, summer room with sleeping beds, shower. Coming to our area can be a complex experience. The area where we are is excellent for hiking, bicycle tours, and others. We play guitar and percussion instruments, we like to dance and draw. We talk and practice different communication approaches peaceful and nonviolence, conflict transformation and group processes, meditation and therapy.
we eat hardly ever meat ,fish, local produce and our own, but we adapt to the demands and suggestions.
A few words about the family: 
trainers holistic loving people and full of respect and gratitude and all that is divine creation;
6 dogs of which one stays at home and 5 by court