Ferma Vidra
Contact person: 
Iulia Lung
Languages spoken on the farm: 
English, Spanish, French and Romanian
Description of the area: 
Our village is situated at 500 m above the sea level, surrounded by mountains with wild forests. The view is spectacular, the air is pure, water comes from springs and local people are very warm. Here are still alive old and lost traditions.
What do you grow on the farm: 
This farm is based on growing fruits (orchard), vegetables ( permaculture) and we have 2 goats. Our home is a space where we learn and experience the connection with nature and with ourselves, about ecology, permaculture, homeschooling, sustainability, natural building, nutrition, alternative therapies.
Farm size: 
Totally 3 hectares with orchard, forest and hayfield.
Months when they accept voulteers: 
All year around.
Volunteer activities: 
Mostly the work is in the orchard, to clean the trees, plant new ones, pick the fruits and also is work to do in the vegetable garden( permaculture). In the summer we pick berries and mushrooms from the forests near by. Sometimes the work is hard. Depending the season we prepare a lot of organic products from fruits and vegetables and sometimes we prepare natural cosmetics and remedies with medicinal plants. We need to renovate small parts of the fence, barn and house ( with natural materials). You can experience, if you like, working with others animals, because we give a help to our farm neighbours who have horses, cows, pigs, chickens...
We can offer 2 places to sleep in the house, also we have a wooden platform in a big nut tree and of course a lot of place for tents in the orchard. Here we appreciate the resources ( water, wood, food...) and we love to be in contact with the nature. In the summer we have an outdoor solar shower and a compost toilet. We donĀ“t poison the earth and the water, so please only organic soaps etc ( we can provide).
We can offer vegetarian food, diary products and eggs, fruits, nuts... Most of the vegetables and fruits is from our garden, but anything else we buy is from locals and is organic.
A few words about the family: 
We are a family with one child and we have an ecological way of life. We are happy to meet people who have the joy to help and learn together with us. But we invite you at least 3 weeks, because we need time to share and harmonise each others.
One dog and one cat and of course a lot of squirrels in the orchard, hedgehogs, birds, deers, rabbits.
Other comments: 

The area where we live is astonishing beautiful. Here are still alive old and lost traditions. The air is pure and the water comes from springs. It is not difficult to find the village and the farm. There are buses and trains from the big cities, 2-3 hours traveling. We have good internet connection and mobile coverage. We are happy to receive anybody who would like to experience our ecological life.

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