Who can become a Host Farmer?

WWOOF Romania accepts host farmers that practice some form of ecologically-friendly agriculture on a small-scale. We wish to add farmers who grow healthy food and plants using methods which have a low negative impact on the surrounding environment. Farms who would like to join WWOOF Romania DO NOT need to be certified organic. Our Farm List is open to bio-dynamic farms, traditional peasant farms, permaculture farms and other small-scale sustainable farms. Some Host Farmers have been food producers all their lives and others have only lived on a farm for a couple years after leaving another occupation. Some have organic products for sale at markets while others just grow food for themselves. Some host farmers are interested in sharing techniques, some just want help with difficult work and some want to meet new people from other regions or countries.

Responsibilities of the Host Farmer

WWOOF Host Farmers must provide clean, safe and comfortable living arangements for volunteers which includes daily meals, water and space for sleeping. Host Farmers are expected to treat volunteers with respect and kindness like any guest in their home. The terms of each arrangement are to be agreed upon by you and the volunteer (not the WWOOF Romania Coordinators). You have the right to deny requests by volunteers if you feel their stay would not provide mutual benefits. The primary line of communication used by WWOOF Romania is email. So, each host farmer must have the ability to consistently access the internet to be able to communicate with volunteers by email. As a secondary line of communication, it would also be helpful to have access to a phone (and list the phone number on the website) for logistical or safety reasons. You must work with volunteers and educate them about farming. WWOOF is a volunteer program, NO MONEY can be exchanged between a host farmer and volunteer.

How to apply to become a Host Farm

Step 1 - Fill out and submit TWO online forms (one in Romanian by clicking here - WWOOF Romania - Aplicatie Ferma Gazda, one in English by clicking here - WWOOF Romania - Host Farm Application). It is free for host farmers to be members of our program. Please make sure that you read and accept the WWOOF Romania Policies before applying to become a Host Farm.

Step 2 - Send an e-mail to  and type "WWOOF Romania Host Farm Application" in the subject line to notify us that you completed both application forms. In that e-mail, you must attach several photos of your farm for the website.
Step 3 - WWOOF Romania's coordinators will review the application and respond within two weeks to let you know if it is accepted. If accepted, you will receive a username and password by e-mail to log in. Then, your farm will be added to the Farm List.

*Only Members of WWOOF Romania (registered volunteers) will see your contact information (Phone Number, E-mail, Location).
*Your Address will not be posted anywhere on the site, WWOOF Romania just needs it for our records.
*Non-Members (the general public) can only view a general description of your farm (no location or contact information).

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