Schuster Farm
Persoana de contact: 
Willy and Lavinia Schuster.
Limbi vorbite la ferma: 
English, Hungarian, German, Romanian.
Descrierea zonei: 
Hilly region, grasslands, family gardens.
Ce se cultiva la ferma: 
Cereals, Vegetables, 10 Cows, Pigs, Chickens.
Dimensiunea fermei: 
20 ha.
Luni in care se accepta voluntari: 
April , May , June ,July, August, September,October.
Activitatile voluntarului: 
Milking cows, milk processing, working in the feilds, planting, weeding, going to the market, translating (English/Romanian/German).
We are not vegetarian, but we cook healthy, tasty traditional food
Cateva cuvinte despre familie: 
5 children (2 boys, 3 girls) , 2 adults, seasonal workers (enjoy reading and singing a lot).
Animale de companie: