3 Kids Goat Farm

3 Kids Goat Farm
Persoana de contact: 
Andrei Taichis
Limbi vorbite la ferma: 
Romanian , English, French.
Descrierea zonei: 
Landform is hilly with an elevation of 300m. The farm is located at the limit of the forest . Forest stretches from farm up in the mountains Bihor. Nearby are the resort Stana de Vale, Bear's Cave, Apuseni Natural Park, Mount padis.
Ce se cultiva la ferma: 
Animal feed grain, forage plants, vegetables various, traditional orchard. We have goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese. We produce goat cheese
Dimensiunea fermei: 
8 hectares land, 50 goats, Pigs Mangalita 10, 100 poultry.
Luni in care se accepta voluntari: 
All year
Activitatile voluntarului: 
To help all farm work : gathering grass, to help the garden, picking fruit, feeding animals, milking goats, maintain cleanliness in farm.
Individual room with private toilet and shower, tiled stove heating, Internet, TV.
Diet is normal. Prepare food in the farm, almost all products from the farm are from Romanian traditional cuisine.
Cateva cuvinte despre familie: 
Here in the farm live myself, my wife and our child. My father, my mother and a cousin help us on the farm, too.
Animale de companie: 
3 dogs, 2 cats
Alte mentiuni: 
The farm often get tourists to visit the farm and eating traditional food from the farm We also have school visitors and gardeners who do farm activities.

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