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-Provide a valid E-mail address that will be used as your User Name.
-Create a Password that you will remember and type it again in the Confirm password section.
-For Nationality, please choose the country from which you are a citizen. If you are a citizen of more than one country, please choose the country that you feel more connected to.
-Remember to fill out every section of either the WWOOF Romania Volunteer Application in English or the Aplicații de Voluntar WWOOF România in Romanian.
-In the Application section, Browse your computer for the completed and saved Volunteer Application and then click Upload.
-Enter the answer to the Math question and then click on Register below. By filling out the above sections, your account is registered but it is not active until you make the donation payment. If you do not make the donation payment within 48 hours, your account will be automatically deleted and you will have to register a new account and go through this process again.
-After you click on the Register button, a User Activation page will be shown where you can click on the Donate button in order to complete the activation of your account.
-A PayPal page will be shown and you just need to provide the payment information and send the donation (you do not need a PayPal account in order to make a donation through PayPal). The donation payment is 5 euros for Romanian citizens. The donation payment is 20 euros for citizens of other countries. Please make sure that you choose the country you are actually a citizen of in order to donate the correct amount or you will be contacted by WWOOF Romania to fix this and your account will be temporarily deactivated until the issue is resolved. WWOOF Romania does not offer refunds of donations to volunteers.

*Each individual person must register an account and activate it by making a donation. If a volunteer breaks this rule and shares the contact information of farms with others who are not registered as volunteers, that person's account will be deleted.
*WWOOF Romania only uses PayPal for donation payments.