Who can become a Volunteer?

Volunteers can be from Romania or any other country. Volunteers should be able to do physical labor and perform tasks such as planting, harvesting, weeding, feeding animals and basic construction. WWOOFers should be comfortable adapting to new situations, new places and different cultural customs. Each person needs to have a desire to learn about organic farming, have done hard labor and respect rural lifestyles. There is no age limit but WWOOFers under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Volunteers have different levels of experience with agriculture and most farms welcome people with no skills.

Responsibilities of the Volunteer

Volunteers are expected to treat host farmers with respect and kindness as a guest in their home. This includes being clean and following other reasonable rules of the farm. The terms of each arrangement are to be agreed upon by you and the host farmer (not the WWOOF Romania Coordinators) before arriving at the farm. You have the right to deny offers by host farmers if you feel the stay would not provide mutual benefits. The primary line of communication used by WWOOF Romania is email. So, each volunteer must have the ability to consistently access the internet to be able to communicate with host farmers by email. As a secondary line of communication, it would also be helpful to have access to a phone for logistical or safety reasons. You must have a desire to learn about sustainable agriculture and engage in hard work that makes the arrangement equitable. WWOOF is a volunteer program and NO MONEY can be exchanged between a host farmer and volunteer.

How to apply to become a Volunteer

Step 1 - Register an account
Step 2 - Download, fill out and upload a WWOOF Romania Volunteer Application
Step 3 - Donate through PayPal
Step 4 - Log in using your username and password

Only one year memberships are offered to registered volunteers. You can register for an account on the home page of our website. Membership costs can be donated through PayPal only. For Romanian citizens, the cost is 5 Euros. One of our goals is to maintain an interest in traditional and organic practices within Romania, as well as encourage volunteerism in our country. This lower cost supports that. For Foreign citizens, the cost is 20 Euros. After completing registration, you will receive a username and along with the password you set up, you can log in to see the contact information of the Farm List. Then you can contact farmers and arrange a time to volunteer. If the activation of the account is not made within 48 hours from registration, the account will be automatically deleted. After one year, your account will automatically deactivate. To renew membership, you must donate again.

How to contact a Host Farmer

EMAIL FARM(S) - Send an email to the farm(s) and type "WWOOF Romania Volunteer Application" in the subject line.
Carbon Copy (CC:)  wwoofromania@gmail.com
Attach your filled out WWOOF Romania Volunteer Application to the email

While writing to hosts and filling out the application form, please understand that the host families are voluntarily agreeing to share their homes and daily lives with strangers. Therefore, it is important to create a sense of openness and trust: write a bit more about your interests and skills and add a picture. If you have other online profiles, it makes a good impression to add links (facebook, couchsurfing, linkedin). Please send messages to farms at least 4 weeks before you plan to start volunteering.

HOST FARMERS CONTACT THE VOLUNTEER if he or she is interested and has space. Please be patient, farmers are very busy. DISCUSS THE TERMS OF YOUR WORK AND STAY BEFORE you decide to leave for the farm. For a good exchange, you and the farmer must agree on the details of your work and stay so that each party feels that it is fair and mutually beneficial.

Helpful tips

Here is a FAQ page for volunteers. WWOOF Romania DOES NOT handle TRANSPORTATION, VISA, INJURY or INSURANCE issues. Please make sure that you read and accept the WWOOF Romania Policies before applying to become a volunteer.

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